Paul Strachan only came for a pint. Stuck in the toilet with a dead gangster, two urgent knocks on the door prompt a desperate dash to find a way out!

Drawing inspiration from Noir classics by Alfred Hitchcock, William Friedkin and Carol Reed, STALLED is a multi-award winning modern take on the Noir and Suspense genres from award winning director Max Aaron ('a night in'), screenwriter Jonathan Sieff ('The Exchange') and producer Daniel Taylor.

With award winning Black & White cinematography by Anna Dushenkina and original music from May McDonough. Filmed in London over four days in 2019 and 2020, it showcases the best of British creativity and a diverse crew.

STALLED has garnered international acclaim, including ‘Best Short Film’ at the British Film Festival 2023, ‘Best Filmmaker’ at the Los Angeles Neo-Noir Film Festival 2023, as well as ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Thriller’, ‘Best Cinematographer’ and ‘Best Actor’ at the Falcon International Film Festival 2022. It received recognition for its cinematography as a Semi-Finalist at the European Cinematography Awards 2023.


  • Ken Christiansen as Paul Strachan
  • John Conway as Malcolm Finch
  • Matt Cheyne as Terry Finch
  • Olly Bassi as Gary Finch
  • Laura Ashcroft as Newsreader

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Crew and Creative

  • Director/Producer: Max Aaron
  • Producer: Daniel Taylor
  • Screenwriter: Jonathan Sieff
  • Cinematographer: Anna Dushenkina
  • Composer: May McDonough
  • First AD: Sunjna Mullick
  • Sound Operators: Bradley Bernard
    Kerem Isik
  • SFX Makeup: Luke David Simmonds
  • Second AD: Kairon Edwards
  • Camera Assistant: Lewis Lehrfreund
  • Film Editor: Max Aaron

Full credits on IMDB

Best Thriller
Best Director Max Aaron
Best Cinematographer Anna Dushenkina
Best Actor Ken Christiansen
Stalled - production still
Stalled - production still
Stalled - production still
Stalled - production still
Stalled - production still
Stalled - production still
Stalled - production still